Sans Dessus Dessous

Photographe, Malo Malo
Modèles, Cassandre Humbert, Eliya Aceta, Ameline Cp, gael nicolas, Anthony Dacci Prunetti, Vin Sam
Styliste Déco, Karen Fingerhut Atelier

Sketchbook ep.4

Deze man kan echt gebruik maken van zijn pen.


Geweldig tentoonstelling


Gian Luigi Carminati is a passionate and poetic 76 years old man who spent his entire life repairing cameras.
In his small workshop in Milan he takes care of old cameras with just a set of screwdrivers and a lot of patience.
We spotted his workshop randomly, we just passed by his shop and we got curious since we saw so many old cameras on display.

Get old

In March of 2013, Variable was commissioned by Edelman to produce four mini-documentary films along with the print advertisements for Pfizer’s cause-driven campaign; “Get Old”.

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Maarten Baas

To talk about his new exhibition in the Groninger Museum, filmmaker Sije Kingma visited Dutch designer Maarten Baas in his studio and followed him during Dutch Designweek. The designs by Maarten Baas, one of the most well know Dutch Designers, straddle the boundary between art and design and are known for their conceptual, humorous, rebellious and theatrical character.

Stefan Rappo

Liquide – Stefan Rappo – Normal Magazine

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